Seeking surveyors to be at the forefront of accreditation 

The Improvement Foundation is delighted to announce a relationship with Global-Mark to be at the forefront of general practice accreditation. Global-Mark is a trusted provider of accreditation and certification across a range of industries. Together, we aim to deliver general practice accreditation using innovative and continuous quality processes that provide practical benefits and enhanced value for general practices. 

We invite you to contribute your passion for safe and high-quality general practice by becoming a contracted surveyor. 

As a surveyor, you will demonstrate your leadership for quality general practice by sharing professional knowledge and insights with peers. Surveyors benefit from exposure to a range of different systems and ideas, enabling them to continuously improve their own practices. 

Surveyors work in teams consisting of a general practitioner as lead surveyor and a co-surveyor, which can be a practice manager, practice nurse, allied health professional or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health worker. We are seeking expressions of interest from experienced and passionate individuals from these professions. 

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Accreditation Services

Our approach to accreditation offers practical benefits and exceptional value. If you are interested in getting more from your practice accreditation, provide us with your contact details via the Practice Accreditation Services Contact Form below and a member of our friendly team will be in touch.